“When asked why I started REAP, my answer is simple. My reason is to challenge myself now so that I push towards developing a better future me.

I aim to lead the development of products, processes and people to be the best version possible, and to provide an opportunity for this ideal to be  perpetuated by those who take up the same challenge.”

Martin Meir, Founder & Managing Director

born to inspire.

born to disrupt.

With a staunch allegiance to the traditional cycling aesthetic, REAP is putting British manufacturing back on the map by designing a collection of the fastest and most desirable bikes in the world.

In 2014, REAP threw out the rulebook and the first rendition of the REAP Generation 1.0 was born. Turning heads with its V-shaped frame, this British-made TT bike is an aerodynamic masterpiece which has captured the imagination of the Triathlon community.

In just 5 years Reap have succeeded where those who have gone before have failed.

A crowning moment in the REAP timeline came when we debuted on the world stage under the guide of British professional triathlete, Harry Wilshire, at the 2016 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Now boasting a stable of British professional athletes REAP Bikes have won races all over the world.

With a handful of secret projects on the horizon, 2019 promises to be the biggest year in REAP’s colourful history.



Martin Meir has always aspired to disrupt the status-quo. He founded Reap in 2013 to do just that.

After a lifetime of pushing the boundaries in the world of composite engineering which earned him a reputation as a disruptor in chief, Martin wanted a new challenge and in 2013 the Search for Speed began.

An expert in engineering, Martin felt that REAP could deliver the fastest bikes to the industry whilst still contributing to the rich heritage of British cycling passion and performance. Martin was determined that the fastest bikes in the world should be British built.

As an ex-elite triathlete, Martin knows what it takes to perform on a competitive world stage and will deliver bikes to do exactly that.

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