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Simon Powner

Fenella Langridge: Challenge Daytona Preview

In any normal year, Challenge Daytona would not carry the prestige that has been bestowed upon it for 2020 by the PTO. In a year where most of our plans have been ravaged by a global pandemic, this year’s race at the Daytona Speedway sticks out as the season’s highlight in place of an Olympics or Kona.
Whilst a normal December would see a lot of athletes taking a well earned rest, the social media feeds of some of the world’s finest athletes tells the opposite story, with a of a lot of pent up race energy ready to be unleashed on the Florida circuit this coming Sunday.
Fenella Langridge makes up the 102 professionals named in an absolutely stacked field which features some of the fastest athletes in the world. REAP will make it’s North American debut under the charge of the British athlete and we can’t wait to see what Fenella’s REAP Gen 1.0 will do as a final ‘Hoo-Rah!’ at it’s final competitive outing before she upgrades to the new Vulcan in 2021.
Fenella was equally excited by the prospect of putting rubber down on American tarmac and has high hopes for what promises to be a fast and furious race. “Excited is an understatement” Fenella told us, “It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. Training has been consistent which has got me here feeling super confident and happy to be lining up at the start.”
The experts are predicting an intense race in which the pace will be high from the gun and Fenella hopes her strong swim and fast bike will put her at the pointy end of the pack for what is sure to be a race which will go down to the final stages of the run.
“I’ll be trying to swim at the front of the pack which will set me up for a fast and tactical bike; then it will be a quick run where every second will count.”

You can see what else Fenella had to see in her ‘Breakfast with Bob’ interview with the one and only Bob Babbitt below.

The PTO have done a fantastic job of getting this race the coverage it deserves and should be commended for all their hard work supporting the athletes and organisers. Head over to their website this Sunday to follow the race live.

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