We make bikes the way that engineers AT OTHER BRANDS WISH THEY COULD.

Available February 2023 via Public Launch. 

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From an unrelenting obsession with speed, comes a new generation of road performance.

Developed and manufactured entirely in the UK, the Vekta harnesses decades of carbon-fibre experience to define a new standard for both ride quality and aerodynamics for a smoother, faster and more precise ride.

A race-ready machine, created to remind its rider of the unbound freedom and vitality that cycling brings us.

The Vekta frameset is available by consultation from £4,500 and full builds start from £6,950.


Engineering first.

Compromise never.

  • Immense frame stiffness dramatically increases power transfer efficiency
  • Much higher grade of carbon fibre than other brands’ top models
  • True monocoque construction, 100% made in the UK
  • REAP trade secret lay-up method radically boosts performance
  • Carbon fibre moulds used for ultimate precision




The Vekta is one of the very fastest race bikes in the world. During development, the Vekta delivered results in both wind tunnel and velodrome testing that put it on par with top time trial bikes, never mind its own category. Reducing drag to this extent requires every element of the bike to be honed.

  • Wind-tunnel proven speed
  • Truncated airfoil tube profiles
  • Wheel-hugging downtube and seat-tube
  • Dropped seatstays and wide stance fork


Performance through pure engineering.

True efficiency requires a total system approach. There’s no point being stiff and aero if you waste energy being beaten up by the road surface. We went to great lengths to ensure that the Vekta is exceptionally comfortable for an aero-road bike and that it filters out the most energy-sapping frequency of road vibration.

  • Engineered to save you energy
  • Carbon fibre lay-up tuned to damp vibration
  • Pencil seatstays soak up bumps
  • Dropped seatstay cluster boosts seat-tube compliance