the world’s most complete¬†

aero-integrated cockpit system

We know from our own data that the majority of aerodynamic drag is not produced by the bike but by the rider, somewhere between 85-90%. This means that it is of paramount importance that we get you into an optimal position, which requires the right system to do that.

A system that is almost infinitely adjustable and fully integrated, while not causing massive inconvenience to you to alter when you need to find that perfect fit. The most all-encompassing aero cockpit system ever produced.

That is exactly the system we have created for the Vulcan, making it the first bike to have its own fully-integrated aero cockpit with carbon aero extensions. This is the world’s first triathlon hyper bike when combined with the integrated nutrition and hydration system.

With short and long-reach base plate options, the Vulcan’s cockpit system allows for a total of 50mm of forward and backward movement as standard, with custom options available too.

The mono-stack of the system utilises one of our proven aerodynamic tube profiles to allow a total vertical adjustment of 80mm, bridging the gaps between frame sizes to give everyone as perfect a fit as possible.

For optimum comfort and aerodynamics, you can adjust the width of your extensions by 60mm, with a further adjustment of 20mm coming from the arm rests. With independent attachment points, it is also possible to angle your bars in and out to suit you.