Vulcan isn’t just a bike. 

Vulcan is a performance system.

Available now, handmade to order in 4 weeks. Frameset at £5,500, full bikes starting from £8,195 with Ultegra Di2 and Parcours Passista wheelset.

With the DNA of its predecessor evident, the Vulcan carries forth the signature REAP silhouette with some minor alterations, but gives birth to many new features to become the world’s first triathlon hyper-bike. The complete package.

It embodies the idea that all parts of a system should engage with each other harmoniously for the optimal result. The idea that the limits of human performance shouldn’t be further capped by the equipment we choose to use. In the same way that we choose a nutrition strategy that works with our bodies to get us around a race course without bonking, or we choose socks that work with our shoes so we don’t get blisters, the Vulcan system works to propel us through the bike leg of a triathlon and helps us feel more fresh and ready for the run.

The Vulcan combines precision engineering with world class aesthetics to create a masterpiece of triathlon weaponry. We truly believe this is the best combination of aerodynamics, compliance and out-right speed that could well be the greatest triathlon bike ever produced.

the world’s most complete aero-integrated cockpit system

We know from our own data that the majority of aerodynamic drag is not produced by the bike but by the rider, somewhere between 85-90%. This means that it is of paramount importance that we get you into an optimal position, which requires the right system to do that.

A system that is almost infinitely adjustable and fully integrated, while not causing massive inconvenience to you to alter when you need to find that perfect fit. The most all-encompassing aero cockpit system ever produced.

That is exactly the system we have created for the Vulcan, making it the first bike to have its own fully-integrated aero cockpit with carbon aero extensions. This is the world’s first triathlon hyper bike when combined with the integrated nutrition and hydration system.

perfect FIT for EVERY RIDER

With everybody having their own personal preference and riding style, it’s important that we offer equipment for every rider. Whether you’re basing your choice on aerodynamics or on comfort, we have the height of extensions that will work for you. The Vulcan will come with the choice of High, Mid, or Low-Rise extensions, with angled shims available for micro-adjustments too.


The Generation 1.0 was a triumph in many ways. Being the first bike we ever made, it rivalled the fastest bikes in the world aerodynamically after it came out on top during testing, and it rode nearly perfectly, which didn’t give us much room for improvement. 

We have been back to the drawing board and spoken to our athletes in order to figure out better ways to do nearly everything in the hope that we made the Vulcan not only the best bike to ride on the road, but the easiest and most enjoyable to maintain, adjust and prepare off the road.

Your bike is both your training partner and your race machine so making sure it is shifting perfectly, braking perfectly and fitting perfectly all year round is key. Whether you’re travelling to Kona or driving to your local triathlon, you want to know your bike is going to perform wherever, without the stress of trying to fix things the week leading up to your race in preparation. So that’s what we’ve done, we’ve made the Vulcan superior in all the intricacies that we can. 

a hydration and nutrition solution ready for race day

Come race day, the number one priority is to preserve energy and reduce stress as much as possible. When consulting a number of athletes, we discovered that many of them thought that the fully integrated systems we see many manufacturers offering nowadays bring with them a high element of complexity. Integrated bladders and straws running through frames that are nearly impossible to clean properly and quick fill points that mean you end up losing some of your liquid spread across the front of your bike leaving a sticky mess. 

Although they are perhaps marginally more aerodynamically efficient than current non-integrated offerings, the time and energy spent refilling these “quick fill” systems during a race outweighs this aerodynamic advantage in many cases. Not to mention time spent out of your aero position expends further energy.

With the hydration and nutrition system developed for the new VULCAN, we went back to basics. A BTA bottle mount that neatly shields any standard bottle from oncoming air and sits in a convenient place for you to use, a behind-the seat bottle and tool-box system that hides neatly behind your legs and places for 8 gels to be stored for your race. 

Travelling with a tri bike?

The first carbon bike box on the market? Probably. The easiest bike box on the market? Definitely. No more dismantling complicated handlebar systems only to have to try and put them back together a day later in a foreign land.

REAP’s very own carbon Flight Case will be offered at a special price to all REAP customers with their new bikes and will be compatible with many other bikes, road and time-trial. It fits your bike in by just removing the aero extensions and wheels. You just store your wheels on one side, clamp the bike in and you have the other side of the box free for all your travel essentials, taking all of the stress out of travelling to the most important races of the year.

Do you want the PRO setup treatment when buying your REAP? Then we have some good news for you.

We believe that the special treatment shouldn’t just go to the PROs when they get a new bike, but we also know it’s hard to track down all of the experts you need to get fully race ready, and they’re usually quite expensive. We want to offer our customers the best chance of achieving their goals possible, including perfecting their bike fit, testing their aerodynamics,  and wearing the best performance race kit there is. 



The Vulcan is now available to order with a lead time of just 4 weeks. The Vulcan will be handmade to order for you based on your specifications. 

In 2021 we will be offering test rides on our demo fleet at our HQ in Staffordshire as soon as government guidelines make this a safe option, but for now we will be offering virtual consultations via Zoom to allow you to ask any questions you may have. To book your virtual consultation please contact who will arrange this with the relevant parties.


Taking inspiration from automotive colours, the Vulcan will be available in three stunning stock colours to choose from but if they’re not enough for you, we do offer custom colour as an additional option. Get the PRO experience by getting your bike made in your favourite colours. Just select ‘custom’ in the colour options and we’ll sort the rest out later.

Taking inspiration from automotive colours, the Vulcan will be available in three stunning stock colours to choose from but if they’re not enough for you, we do offer custom colour as an additional option. Get the PRO experience by getting your bike made in your favourite colours. Just select ‘custom’ in the colour options and we’ll sort the rest out later.


We don’t think there has ever been a more complete offering in the history of tri bikes. As standard our ‘Frameset’ option offers; frame, forks, headset, seatpost and topper, brakes and cockpit including your chosen aero extensions and arm pads combination. We’ll even make custom extension plates to get your perfect fit.

The geometry chart is below but if you need any help with sizing options or custom extension plates let us know. We will consult you following your purchase about any options you’re not asked for before purchase. 


We realise that buying a new bike is a big deal, and understand that you might not be looking for a full bike and might have some parts already. We are proud to offer customers a set of build options that rivals any bike brand for flexibility. Whether you want just a frameset, a full build or just frameset and wheels, we’ve got you covered.