Vulcan isn’t just another triathlon bike. It’s a performance system designed to help you reach your multisport goals in every way it can.

With the complete design freedom that triathlon brings, we have refined our triathlon offering time and time again towards creating the ultimate racing machine. Our original design philosophy still holds true: we can’t affect the swim, but we can affect both the bike and the run. By strategically manipulating the beam’s form and laminate architecture, we are able to tune the damping characteristics of the beam to ultimately provide a smoother and faster ride, as well as relieving the rider of considerable fatigue for the run leg.

With every facet of triathlon racing considered from our extensive racing experience, there really is no other bike like it.

Vulcan Disc is complete and will be launched imminently. We’re inviting you to be the first to discover the future of triathlon performance as part of our private launch by signing up below.

Aerodynamics is one of the most important aspects of triathlon performance. Since 2013, we have continuously developed our own truncated aerofoil tube-shape systems to maximise the aerodynamic advantages available to our riders. Vulcan utilises REAP’s proven aerodynamic technology to great effect to ensure nothing will slow you down between T1 and T2.

Versus our original Generation 1.0 tri-bike, Vulcan demonstrated that it can save upwards of 4.5-7.5 minutes over an Ironman bike course. We had already shown the Gen 1.0 to be one of the fastest bikes in the world itself. Marginal gains? No, massive gains.

We know from our own CFD data that an overwhelming majority of the aerodynamic drag created by the system is a result of the rider – somewhere between 85-90%.

This means that it is of highest priority to get you, the rider, into the most optimal position possible – something that requires the right cockpit. Vulcan’s cockpit is nearly infinitely adjustable, using a system of sliders and slots to position the extensions with the utmost precision, and offers fully internal cable routing. It’s convenient and easy to alter when you need to find that perfect fit with the choice of three different extension angles. It’s the only one of its kind supplied as standard to a bike.

While we have no bearing over your swim performance as bike manufacturers, we had the realisation that not only can we positively affect your bike performance, but we can affect whatever follows this too.

By applying our extensively-developed composite technology, Vulcan offers precisely tuned damping characteristics to help dissipation of road noise throughout the frame’s structure. This system works to eliminate fatigue resulting from road vibrations, which allows you to apply your power more consistently on rougher sections of road, and be considerably fresher when you leave T2 and set out on the run.

True efficiency requires a total system approach. There’s no point being super stiff and brilliantly aero if energy is wasted being beaten up by the road surface. We went to great lengths to ensure that Vulcan gives its rider the greatest chance of success over the whole multi-discipline race.

We believe that fuelling yourself to perform at your best on race day should be simple, not another thing to worry about. With this in mind, we just went back to basics. A BTA system shrouded with a one-piece carbon-fibre fairing and facility for two more bottles mounted behind your saddle. As simple as that.

We use standard bottles all-round so taking nutrition on-course is a feasible proposition without having to sit out-of-position filling an obscurely-positioned bladder, while the two rear bottles are mounted atop a tool caddy which acts as a ‘splitter plate’ behind the rider to further improve system aerodynamics.

Vulcan Disc is complete and will be launched imminently. We’re inviting you to be the first to discover the future of triathlon performance as part of our private launch by signing up below.