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Every bike company will tell you they take a 'blank page' approach, but everybody has their own internal experiences and biases that shape their design and approach.

When we started REAP in 2014, we'd never made a bike before, we'd never even designed a bike before, so our page was relatively blank.

What we did have, and still do to this day, are our experiences as athletes who ride week in, week out, and a determination to follow what the science tells us.

Throughout our design processes, we make decisions that are founded in our advanced composites expertise, informed by our ongoing aerodynamics learning and understanding, and ultimately what will generate the best possible product for our riders.

REAP Gen 1.0 White Paper

100% UK Manufactured Carbon.

Having our bikes made in East Asia would mean using generic manufacturing methods, and give generic results. Results just like every major bike brand in the world. We didn't want that, we wanted more.

When we started REAP, there was no alternative in our minds aside from manufacturing everything ourselves in our UK factory.

To make bikes better than the rest, you have to do something different. You have to really challenge the norm and question everything.

We're not looking to manufacture tens of thousands of bikes a year. We want to make the best racing bikes in the world and for us that means using our composite engineering expertise to do things other companies can't.

Decades of Composites Experience.

The reality of manufacturing bikes is that you can choose to engineer a solution for making a high volume of bikes, or a solution for making the highest performing bikes.

One means you can make bikes really quickly and keep costs low to fuel marketing budgets. The other means providing your riders with the best possible product to help them achieve their goals and aspirations on two wheels.

We choose the latter.

With decades of composites experience within the team, we know how to make bikes that perform to the highest standards in the industry.

From never having made a bike before, and with the drive to not resort to traditional carbon bike manufacturing methods, it has taken us 10 years to have bikes that meet our high standards of performance.

Made-to-Order. Built-to-Spec.

We call it personalised performance. Creating the 'fastest bike in the world' doesn't really mean anything. Who is it the fastest bike for? On what terrain?

At REAP, performance is personal, so we work with every rider to make sure their build specification is optimal for them. We take a number of parameters into account when helping you build the fastest bike for you.

Whether you've got a specific race or event in mind or just want to conquer some local KOMs. Everyone has a reason for riding a bike, we want to help you get the most out of it.

Personalised Performance

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