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Personalised Performance.

At REAP, it's not enough for us to just supply you with the highest performing bicycles on the planet - we have to go the extra mile. We want you to get as much out of your REAP as possible, so we tailor every single build to its rider's needs as our norm. That's just part of the REAP way.

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Irrefutable Speed.

Speed doesn't come from just throwing money at a problem. It comes from having in-depth knowledge of the problem we're looking to solve and a deeply curated knowledge base of composites, aerodynamics and bicycle design. We're not just going to tell you our bikes are the fastest, we'll show you.

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The REAP Way.

We make bikes the way engineers at other brands wish they could. Instead of manufacturing for quantity, we manufacture for performance. It's too expensive for the big brands to do it this way for a reason - because it works. Ultimate performance comes from a zero-compromise approach - The REAP Way.

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