We believe in total transparency when it comes to our aerodynamics data. Read all about the aerodynamic development of the REAP Generation 1.0 below.


A History of the Beam Bike

When it all started the concepts were dreamt up by visionaries with a zest for racing. Scoffed at and quickly dismissed as ‘fads’; ‘funny bikes’ and ‘dork bars’ went on to change the face of cycling and triathlon forever. We wanted to take a look back at where the conceptual


We all have those climbs we have a personal vendetta with, for us it’s the Cat and Fiddle. Within an hour’s ride of HQ, the

Let Me Explain

I’m Martin Meir, I’m the man behind REAP Bikes and I owe you an explanation regarding the delivery of the REAP offering. Let me begin…

Tom Bishop’s Training Advice

We’ve experienced a rapid change of lifestyle over the past few weeks, from being out doors training, to near lockdown. I’m not going to deny

It’s perhaps one of the worst kept secrets on the ITU World Triathlon Series circuit but today we’re making it official, Tom Bishop will be

My race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, this year was only the second Ironman I had ever completed, having qualified on my


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